Thursday, January 26, 2012

jazba urdu newspaper gujarat

Jazba Urdu Newspaper Gujarat
the jazba urdu news 2012 and 2013
pakistani news paper jazba
the jazba gujrat pakistan newspaper
Daily Jazba Gujrat is the leading newspaper of Gujrat. Jazba Gujrat is the most famous newspaper of Gujrat and Europe. History of Daily Jazba Gujrat.
You can read free online Urdu news about Gujrat, Pakistan and World on online edition
It give many information and yuo can read Free. provides , Dream Team, Pakistani URdu Recipes, Urdu Naats, Urdu Articles, Wallpapers, Audio Quran, Naats, Pakistan Weather, Islamic names.
Jazba Urdu News for €5.00 and appear as the top listing in Europe.


  1. you Jazba is very high and great.

  2. your news paper printed a false story about two brther caught by fire due to false oth of quran. that is totaly wrong. i could not get the copy of your paper. plz investigate and consult with the grevence party and appologize from them. this incident happened . no one gave oath on quran. if u r honest then provide the copy of your paper. do not make money by hoos or crook. i will sue if i get copy. last month news was printed.

  3. you should go to Jazba site, not at this blog, it is only blog.not jabza news site.